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Dan and Haleigh

I grew up in Burk's Falls. I was only two when my family moved here in 1987. My dad had bought a woodworking business and turned it into a very successful one called The Cutter's Edge. I grew up loving living in a small town and taking every effort to give back to the community and to help it grow.

When I finished high school, I went and got my Addictions Degree as well as my DSW and Journalism degree. I've always had a desire to be part of making a difference and helping people over come struggles both physically mentally and emotionally.

One thing I always wanted to be was an entrepreneur. Having grew up in a family business I saw the rewards of working for yourself. When the opportunity to own the bowling alley came up, formally known as Almaguin Bowl, I was I intrigued. It was in my town, sports related, and I'd get to be around people. With the support of Haleigh we went and bought the lanes. The alley has been around since 1963 so it was time for a major renovation. Since buying it we have redone the floors, lighting, ceiling, bar, office, restaurant, scoring system, lanes, washrooms, and outside walls - to name a few updates. We have by far the most extensive sports memorabilia collection on display to add to the uniqueness that we want each customer to feel when they visit us. Everything from our washroom sink to the sports collection, we aim to make RIVERBOWL original.

I love being with people, helping my town grow, and stay lively. I have committed myself - and my bankroll - into building this business up and making it a great, fun environment for the community to enjoy. I encourage you all to come out and see for yourself. I would love to meet you if I haven't already; and if we have met, then I'd love to see you again. Bowling is great because it doesn't matter what your age, gender, size, or ability is, everyone can do it - including you!

Come meet us at RIVERBOWL!

Thank you Janette for your 35 years of service to our community.

~ Dan



I see it as no coincidence at all that I was one of the last babies actually born in what was then the "Burk's Falls Hospital". Growing up I had every intension of moving far away and making my way in the world, but as God has planned it, I've realized that Burk's Falls is my home through and through.

I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Sundridge: My Dad a teacher, my Mom a nurse, and I the youngest of 4 kids. In my memory, I had everything I could ever need. Wanting to move away once I grew up wasn't out of a spirit of discontentment, but rather just a natural desire to accomplish something great.

It didn't take long for me to develop three major passions in my life: God, sports, and Daniel Lawrence. Since both Daniel and our church family were both deeply tied to Burk's Falls, the decision to settle down here came quickly after high school and a year of university. My three big passions have complimented each other throughout the years, so it seems only natural for bowling to be added into the mix, under that sports category.

In my schooling years, activities like basketball and track came easily to me. Bowling is one I have yet to dive into, so I am excited to not only cheer on the local experts, but also to develop alongside the less experienced bowlers. All in all, I feel truly blessed and it looks like I have a fun life ahead of me!

~ Haleigh

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