It’s worth the visit

When you want to relax, where do you go? When you’re craving comfort – a quiet casual corner to catch up with old friends, or a place where you can be a kid again and laugh or sing out loud – where do you go?

You need a setting that is versatile, you need special, you need unique, you need lively and joyful, a place where you don’t have to work or get lost on a screen, but you can play. Relaxing and connecting to whoever you’re with.

Welcome to Riverbowl. Here you will find all of these things. You will find hearty food, frothy crisp beer and servers that feel like friends. You will find bowling and live entertainment so there is no pressure on you to do the entertaining. You will find one of the biggest privately owned sports memorabilia collections on full display. You will find the friendly small town feel that family businesses are made of. You belong in a place where you can be you. You belong here.

Let's Roll!

Get your head out of the “gutter”.

Prices are Pretty! $6.00 for general bowling / $2.50 for shoe rentals

Kids vs Parents!

Let’s fill that bowling belly.

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RIVERBOWL 310 Ontario St. Burk’s Falls Ontario – P0A 1C0
(705) 783-9231