July 27 – Davey Meloy

Born and raised in South River, Ontario, Davey Meloy is a northern-based musician who has built a forty plus year career on giving the people what they want!

July 20 – Loni Konkal

Join us for an enchanting evening with Loni Konkal, one half of the beloved Northern Ontario folk duo cAbiners, as she takes the stage to share her soulful melodies and heartwarming lyrics. Known for her beautiful harmonies and captivating presence, Loni will be performing a mix of original songs and beloved covers, including the lighthearted and hopeful “Not That Kind of Christmas,” written during the pandemic.

July 6 – Leah Lesli

Leah Leslie, influenced by legends like Bonnie Raitt and Billie Holiday, delivers a unique blend of classic folk, blues, and jazz with her distinctive voice. Returning to Windermere with her 1976 Grit Laskin acoustic guitar, Leah promises an unforgettable evening of diverse covers, originals, and delightful stories from her coast-to-coast touring experiences.